Welcome to Gravity Classes

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Welcome To Gravity Classes

With the promise of “सुनिश्चित सफलता”, Gravity Classes was established by a Team of IITians and Medical professionals. Gravity Classes is the heaven for the students who seek extensive knowledge, targeted practice and perfection in performance in their Entrance preparation. We provide premier coaching to stand ahead in IIT JEE/NEET Entrance Examination. The guidance and teaching from genius mentors, potential discovery using learning-practice-analysis approach and motivating healthy environment let the aspirants start their sail in best wind. Our mentors are well adapted with the latest syllabus of NTA as well as School Examinations. They are fully versed in teaching via practical as well as theoretical way. We don’t simply believe in rote learning but also enhancing the practical approach of the topic taught to our students. It should be a dream institute for any student. Here, a student should not receive education only but also a complete guidance for the overall development of his/her personality which will make him able to face future challenges in life.


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